Saturday, October 16, 2021

Are You Ready For Winter?

      Are you feeling a bit rushed to get things done before winter arrives? I sure am. I see the beauty of the trees turning colors, the fields ready to harvest and the farmers working to get the crops in and I feel the same sense of urgency to prepare my home for a cold winter. 


    I still have tomatoes and peppers growing and need to harvest and preserve more of those. There are herbs to harvest and dry for winter use, plants to get ready to come inside for the winter, a duck house to build so our ducks can be all warm and snug this winter since the old duck house needs to be replaced, a wood stove to install and so much more. We are busy working on these when not working on the regular work. Your list probably looks different than mine, but maybe you are working hard also. It is a time to get ready.

     The length of sunlight each day is decreasing as the season changes too, and we all tend to be up and around before daylight and some don't get home until after dark... and we still have 2 more months before the days will start to become longer again. It all adds to the sense of urgency to be ready for winter... for cold... for bad roads and more. When it is all done and ready, there will be a sense of peace that we've done what we can and we will face the winter trials thankful our preparations are complete. (I hope we get to that point, this year!)    :)

     We have had years where we faced ice or snow early and didn't know where our winter gloves were or the snow scraper for icy car windows on cold mornings. We've had to scramble to bring plants in for an unexpected early freeze or stay outside in cold wet rainy conditions in the dark rushing before the temperature dropped to 28 degrees to save as much produce as possible because the frost hadn't been expected. Those are stress-filled times and I hope to avoid those each year. 

     It reminds me that we are to be preparing for another harvest and ending also. So many are dying without Christ and others are walking on the way to a Christ-less eternity, not realizing their time could be up at any moment. We need to tell them of salvation. We have no idea when the end will come for them or for us. Are you ready? I hope so. Are you looking for opportunities to share with those who are not ready? We need to diligently work in this time of harvest. I know I feel more and more aware of it every day.

     I hope you are saved and ready to meet God when your time comes and if so, what a blessing that will be! If not, there is no time like today to make sure your salvation. God made a way for us to spend eternity with Him and we do not have to die in our sins. What a blessing He sacrificed His Son for me... and for you. May we also tell others of that wonderful gift and be listening for the nudging of the Holy Spirit to talk to someone, even when we don't feel like it.  

     Are you enjoying the beauty of the fall scenery? Are you feeling a sense of urgency to get ready for winter? What projects are you needing to complete before winter? Are you also feeling an urgency to tell others of Christ? I would love to hear about either one or both in the comments. Thank you for joining me.                            

   ~Blessings,   Katherine J Masters

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