Thursday, December 7, 2023

Throw Out the Old???


Old things.... For you, do they seem interesting and like a mystery to explore?... or just outdated "junk"? I admit that I find it intriguing to see stuff from an earlier time. I enjoy seeing the items that were once used on a regular basis, and notice the difference in such a time period from the one in which we now live.

I know there is a big push in today's world for minimalism and throwing out all the old stuff, as well as labeling many people as "hoarders", shaming them to get rid of excess. 

Is excess stuff a problem? Yes, it can be. 
Is all old stuff bad? No.
Is all new stuff good? No, of course not.

Like most things in life, balance is needed, and so is common sense, which isn't so common anymore.

These pictures are of a recreated old "General Store" that was once a common sight. Items were sold that were necessary for everyday life, as well as a few luxuries or pretties, but the main things people shopped for, were the necessities, and a luxury was rather rare... and treasured. 

One thing I notice about the "old things" is the quality of the workmanship, the detail and creativity in the design, even in simple everyday things. There is a beauty to these long-lasting everyday items. Ceilings had some beautiful workmanship (I love those old tin ceilings!), furniture had some embellishments, and little decorative touches could be found on many utilitarian items. Flour sacks were made with floral patterns so that the purchaser could use them to make dresses when empty and tins to store items had beautiful designs. 

Our current world emphasizes Minimalism, but it also emphasizes new and more... so it is common to get new things several times a year. We have stores full of cheap things to buy(many of which are junk), that will soon be replaced with more, so things need to be sorted and removed so we can be "minimal", "and have room for more stuff!!!"

 Hmmm, it makes me think that Minimalism (true minimalism) could possibly have more to do with being content with what we have and stepping off of the needing "more" idea or the "new is better" idea.

Does everything "old" need to be thrown out? No, though it may be helpful to pare down the number of beautiful old things that are saved. In today's world, there is advertising that pushes the idea of "more" and "new is better" and tries to get us dissatisfied with what we have, so we will buy what the advertiser is selling . Sales are huge at holidays and stuff is emphasized. New games are pushed, new appliances that are not so different from the old ones (though they may have some added feature that we didn't realize we "needed" until the advertising convinced us and it then became important to attain).

In our world, many are eagerly throwing out their parent's stuff, the things they worked to attain, used and appreciated. When a parent dies, it seems to be the "enlightened" thing to get rid of all of that "old and outdated" stuff.

The generations that are now leaving this world, leave a rich heritage in work ethic, in saving money, being frugal, being wise, being satisfied, doing without when necessary, living with difficulties and helping things to change for the better. I don't mean that all people of these generations are admirable, but the generations now dying off are known for these things. My dad was one of those men who had to learn to do a bit of "everything", a "jack of all trades" sort of man, and we meet many of those older men who were the same. It has become a lost art as now we need to hire a "specialist" to do things.

Those older people have such stories to share and wisdom to impart. 

Gathering around the checkerboard or sitting around the fire used to be a time of sharing, talking, solving problems, and just spending time together. Maybe we would benefit from more of that, rather than just finding more "stuff" to enjoy.... maybe we should learn to enjoy people.... older and younger.

If you also appreciate old stuff- vintage and antique, you may enjoy the Christian fiction book, 
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There are many fun things in the book and the exploring of an old house is delightful. Join Emily as she discovers the old house and its treasures and also discovers treasures in people along the way.

Throw Out the Old???

  Old things.... For you, do they seem interesting and like a mystery to explore?... or just outdated "junk"? I admit that I find ...