Friday, September 29, 2023

Weeding the Useless to Nourish the Good


    What a blessing it is that God is my strength and I do love Him. He is the One who teaches me to love Him and guides me in my spiritual growth. I can let Him work in me or I can hinder the process by not cooperating.

   Sometimes, I think I know what I want and I ask for it, feeling ready to reject what doesn't fit my plan, but what if that which doesn't fit MY plan is actually GOD's plan for my life?  

    The world has much darkness and at times, the light seems dim, but God is always there and He sees just as well in the darkness as in the light. What a blessing to know and believe that! Living for Him and accepting His will can be scary and yet, it is always the best for us. 

     Being assured of walking in the way HE has for me is so much better than the plan I have come up with and I do well to submit to His will as it is always better than mine.

     Weeds are plentiful this time of year as fall is here. I know that many "weeds" are good for our health or other purposes and I am thankful for many plants that most people would label "weeds". However, when we nourish a weed that is dangerous or of no use, we set ourselves up for trouble. This picture is of a "weed" out on some country property and it appealed because of the soft hairs that filled the pods. Is it good or not? I really don't know as I haven't researched it... yet. Someday, I may research it and may find another useful herb for my large medicinals collection that we use regularly... or I may find that I want to avoid it. 

     Weeds in our life can cause even more problems as they can deter us from our purpose or distract us from what is better. I sure wouldn't want to nourish something that is useless. Sometimes, we can do that in our lives. It could be time wasting, or an unhealthy curiosity that leads us where we shouldn't go. It could be an addiction problem of some kind or toxic emotions allowed to grow. So many possibilities. 

      When we weed out the weeds and nourish the good things, we will see growth in our spiritual lives... and fruit that comes from God.  Maybe it's time to search for any weeds, see if we would be better off without them, and deal quickly with them, so we can start to thrive.

    If you have identified any weeds to deal with or have seen God work in your life so that growth could happen, I would love to hear about it in the comments. Today is another day that we can serve our Lord. I hope you are living a thriving life this week and if challenges are there, I hope you will determine to follow God's will for your life.

                                                                           ~Blessings to you, 


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