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Short Fiction Story - The Party Was Going Fine Until... & Sneak Peek of New Children's Book

       The party was going fine until a misunderstanding occurred. Several friends and their families had been invited to a casual party at our home in the country. Our home needed work and it had been tempting to wait to invite company until all work was complete, but the money situation we faced would only allow minimal and necessary repairs to be done and we wanted to invite people over sooner than when the repairs were done. Many were church friends and we had also invited some neighbors we didn’t know well, making it quite a mixed group. The party was being held outside since the weather was nice in late summer and all were relaxing and having fun – good, clean fun.      Volleyball was being played by several, some were sitting at the bonfire, and there were various activities going on with much laughter. Our party ideas didn’t include paying for grand activities and we hoped all would enjoy the simple games we set out and it seemed to be happening, to my great relief. I rushed

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