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"FEAR NOT" Is Not Enough

  A childhood memory...       The basement of our house was a dark and forbidding place. I hated going down in there where the walls were rough, crumbling dirt. A few old shelves stood along the back wall where canned goods, both metal cans and glass canning jars of home-canned foods, were stored. The furnace was in the middle of the basement and a single bare light bulb hung from the low ceiling-the only light for the basement. The placement of the furnace blocked the light of that dim bulb from reaching many areas of the room and the whole basement was dim and dark with many ominous corners.       The steps descending into that abyss were simple boards that created a rough set of open stairs with a small space behind the steps where the wall could be faintly seen and I always feared what my imagination thought lived back there. In one of the darkest parts of the basement was the potato bin. Dad bought potatoes by the bushel and they were stored in the potato bin, which was only a few

Beautiful Leaves of Fall


     Fall is beautiful here in the midwestern US, with vibrant leaf colors and cooler temperatures. I am reminded that God is such an amazing creator that He even made the discards of the trees a thing of beauty. How wonderful to see the sun shining on, and through, the leaves on the trees and again as they become a carpet under the tree. Yes, winter is coming and it tends to be a bit long and dreary, though it does have its own beauty. How nice to have this brief time of riotous color flame to life, before the leaves dry up and break down to soil. 


"I will bless the Lord at all times: His praise shall continually be in my mouth."
 Psalm 34:1

                    ~ Katherine J Masters

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