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WHEN Fear Comes

  When Fear Comes.... Fear DOES come to all of us at one time or another. What should we do with it? Do we hide it? Should we ignore it? Should we pretend we are not afraid?  Some fears seem silly, others are big and real. What response should we have to fear WHEN it comes? Fear takes many forms. We all experience fear at times, but what do we do with it? How do we treat our fear? How do we treat the fears of others?  It is sobering to realize we can build fear into the lives of our children or in our own lives. We can learn to hide our fears or encourage others to do the same. We can become controlled by fear or we can learn to allow God to strengthen us and teach our children to do so also. We can also grow in the Lord and learn what He says about fear. We can develop the strengths He has given to us. We can claim His promises. We can face the fears we feel and evaluate them to see what action is required.  Sometimes fear can prompt us to change things. When we stole a cookie as a ch

New Beginning at Rosewood by Katherine J Masters


Sometimes, life can be unfair and problems seem overwhelming. Difficulty, loss and sadness have discouraged Emily. Settling the affairs of a reclusive old uncle in a distant town gives her a chance to get away for a time. Determined to complete her unpleasant responsibility, she faces trials as well as blessings along the way. 

She has always loved touring old houses, and finding a forgotten one becomes a source of joy and hope as her heart starts to heal. Her inner strength grows as she uncovers stories about people from the past and her life is influenced by the lessons she finds there. New friendships are built and an old one is restored.

Quirky characters in the town become friends not only to Emily but to the reader, as well, as the lives of these fun and sincere people intertwine with Emily's life. The light suspense and mystery of the old house draws the reader to discover its history and uncover its secrets. 

This is a story of redemption and hope as Emily's heart begins to heal and she begins to see the "happily-ever-after" she had given up on can possibly be hers in this unexpected place at just the right                                                                                   time.                                                                 

                                                                                       Order Here

                         New Beginning at Rosewood: Finding Hope While Exploring an Old House


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    1. Thank you ... it is being enjoyed and I love that! :)

  2. Your book sounds a fascinating read Katherine. One to enjoy with a cuppa & treat. :-D
    You're most welcome to join me in a cuppa at Tea With Jennifer,


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