Wednesday, November 3, 2021

A Christmas Book For Kids-New Release!

 A book for kids. Chris' Mess? No, Its' Christmas!

This is a fun book for kids. The setting is many years ago when times were hard. Chris is a boy who is easy to like as he makes mistakes so many times and struggles to avoid making more messes. This book shows some of those messes and also the solution to his problems. 

The pages of the book have small pictures for younger children to find, adding to the fun of the book. A wonderful book to read to children and enjoy together. The book would be good for ages 2-12, although other ages could also enjoy it. 

The e-book is available and now the print book is finally available as well! 
Available on Amazon - just click the link.

This would be especially nice to read in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Enjoy the sweet story together and get a glimpse into a simpler time in history.

Enjoy Katherine's other book, which would make a wonderful Christmas gift for an adult. This book has been enjoyed by women, men and children. Order information in the link below:


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