Monday, November 29, 2021

An Old-Fashioned Christmas Tale


    Poor Chris tried so hard, but couldn't seem to do anything right. He was clumsy even while eager to help. Chris lived many years ago on a run-down old farm with his mom, dad and brothers.

    This is a kids' book with a sweet story of how Chris learns the real meaning of Christmas. The book is illustrated with simple paintings and small pictures are included as extras for young ones to find and point out. This book is wonderful for parents and grandparents to read to children. The children will enjoy the story of Chris' trouble and the solution and will find Chris to be a likeable little guy. 

A fun book for kids and enjoyed by all ages. An old-fashioned Christmas tale. A wonderful gift in either print form or ebook. 

     Order from Amazon on the link.   Chris' Mess? No, It's Christmas!

                                                       Chris' Mess? No, It's Christmas!


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